Reviews Roundup: Dec 2012

Here are five great RX1 reviews from around the web:

  1. In this review, James presents some colorful out-of-camera JPEG’s on his blog:
    James Duncan Davidson’s’ First Clicks With the Sony RX1

  2. This short review includes sharp-looking black-and-white cityscapes:
    Jonathan Fleming’s RX1 blog review

  3. Yodobashi the famous Japanese camera store in Tokyo presents a two-part series of RX1 photos:
    Volume 1
    Volume 2

  4. Great mix of shots by SLIK, from macro to triggered off-camera flash photography:
    SLIK images First Impressions

  5. And of course, I am sure you have already checked out Steve Huff’s extensive coverage of the RX1 here:
    Preview, Part I, and Part II